Sunday, May 2, 2010

Final Meeting-Palmerston North, 1st May 2010

This meeting could have been as short as the last one with the dodgy weather conditions almost causing a postponement in the meeting. However, after a few races had been out on the track the skies cleared and we were able to get racing. One of the races in the rain was the Adult Ministocks which I competed in. I went in to the night 24 points in front of 99p Tayla Lampp on the season points. He needed to get 2 wins to force a tie in the points and me to not finish any races inside the top 6 on the night. Where as if i finished inside the top 5 in any race then I would have the points sewn up. My grid for the first race was 13 which i was pretty happy with. In a race which was extremely difficult to read i managed to work my way through to 4th (on the track) on a difficult track. After the relegation of the race winner 93p Karl McGill I was promoted to 3rd which, with Tayla not finishing in the top 6 after trouble, was enough to seal the points for the season.

As I said the skies cleared and the open wheel classes were able to get out onto the track and have a couple of runs. In the first race the plan was to take it easy and find out if the car was going to run correctly and how we wanted. I managed to pick my way through early traffic and get through to 4th and get some clear track to have a bit of an open blat. I managed to catch up pretty quickly to 72p Stephen Buys however ran out of laps to mount a charge against him. Ended up 4th with the fastest lap of the race, a positive result considering our troubles of late. The second race I started from grid 8 and after a DNS from 82p Jamie Larsen I had a clear run. The outside line moved fairly quickly forward and I tagged along with 12p Gavin Lucas and 4w Shane Simpson in an epic 3 way race. After some outside passing i worked my way in to the lead and held it to the checkered flag from 93p Declan Roe. I was, needless to say, pretty stoked considering the troubles we have had previously.

Have to say a huge thanks to Bob (the Computer Man) who flew up from Christchurch to sort our computer out, of course Bryan Hartley, all my sponsors (Total Truck Spray, 1st Signs, The Head Shop, Hartley Race Engines and Hermansen Transport. And of course Dad (Mike) for having the car setup perfectly again.

Great ending to the season which means i am super keen to get going next year already. Will post things on here as they update. Until the 16th of October....Have a great off season! :\

Kind Regards,
Christian Hermansen
Minisprint 48p

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  1. Hey Christian, thanks for posting these reports. They are very good to read and I enjoy your style of writing. Please keep it up.

    I saw you race in both of your minisprint races, missed the ministock one. Thought you were going really good in the last race especially making some moves happen, very impressive. I look forward to seeing you race over the next couple of years-hopefully you will have a 1,2 or 3 on your car for this year!