Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Off season 1

We are around about half way through the off season of speedway and it is around about now that people start panicking that their cars are not ready! Well that is not us this off season. Because the car has only done 4 meetings last season we have decided against any significant changes to the car. However, we have decided to purchase a new diff which should be hear in the next month from the USA. The diff currently in the car is too short and we cant space the wheels out enough so we decided to get a new one, to the correct size of a minisprint. We also may be looking at ways of improving reliability in the computer but wont reveal too much here!

On another note, I am currently looking for a couple more sponsors to assist our campaign next year. I am hoping to be really competitive at the National level and therefore need a few more bucks for tires etc. I have a proposal put together and if you are interested please email me at The spots I have on the car are on the wing (crowd side) and the panel on the drivers side (infield side) and the entire front wing. All 3 are prime spots on the car for advertising your business and it would be a pleasure to represent your company.

Lastly, the car is currently on display at Proparts in Palmerston North. If your in town go and have a look at it and let me know what you think!

Until next time...

Kind Regards,
Christian Hermansen
Minisprint 48p