Saturday, April 24, 2010

24/4/10-Palmerston North

Well this report is alot shorter than what i wanted it to be. Unfortunately because of the rain in Palmy tonight the meeting was called off. Tonight was going to be quite a stretch as well as i was planning on doing double duty with the Minisprint and Adult Ministocks racing. It was also interesting that the 2 classes were running one after the other, something i have never had to do.

Bit of a shame because I had high hopes for tonight. The car started really good at home with virtually no problems (compared to the usual anyway) so it was a night of what could have been.

No Kihikihi tomorrow as we dont feel like driving all the way there for a test session. Might be racing next week, we will see how this week progresses.

Good luck to Jamie (82p) and Declan (93p) tomorrow! Go hard and get a Palmy car on the podium.

Kind Regards,
Christian Hermansen
Minisprint 48p

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